About Us

At Canine Coddler, we are passionate about helping dogs. After rescuing an English Mastiff who was abused for the first year and a half of her life, we began to look for solutions to help better her life. She had severe anxiety, fear of noises, uneasy around strangers, restless sleep among many other things. After trying several techniques, we found a weighted sensory blanket for humans we had, calmed her like nothing else we had tried. This weighted blanket became her safe place. It made her feel secure and comfortable by surrounding her with constant pressure similar to that of a hug. After a couple months of using this blanket, she started to come around in her day to day life.

Today Lulu is a goofy, happy go lucky dog. She has made a complete recovery and you would never be able to tell she came from an abused home. After seeing the results with Lulu, we offered the blanket to one of our friends, who’s dog was having similar problems after losing her eye. We were amazed to see the same results after a few months of use.

After seeing the success this blanket was having and how much it was improving the lives of these dogs, we decided to have a custom blanket made especially for dogs. We tried several different materials and weights to find the optimum size, weight and comfort for the dog. After much trial and error we feel we have perfected our blanket. The blanket comes in two different weights, one for dogs under 50 lbs and one for over 50 lbs. Both come with a removable machine washable cover.

Giving back and helping animals in need is one of Canine Coddlers core values. A portion of each product sold will be donated to underprivileged families who need help paying vet bills. Nothing pulls on our heart strings more than seeing a Go Fund Me page for an animal in desperate need of medical assistance.

-The Hamilton Family
  Canine Coddler